Reliability of micro irrigation systems

The list of water quality indicators sufficient for the selection of water treatment equipment:
• Turbidity (mg / dm3)
• Color (degrees)
• Alkalinity (mmol / dm3)
• Chlorides (mg / dm3)
• Oxidability (mgO / dm3)
• Dry residue (mg / dm3)
• Total iron (mg / dm3)
• Hydrogen index, pH (pH unit)
• Total hardness (mmol / dm3)
• Nitrates (mg / dm3)
• Sulfates (mg / dm3)

The most critical aspects affecting system reliability are emitter design, filtration quality, and water chemistry. The effect of these factors on performance, including fouling (fouling of issuers) of the system, is of fundamental importance to reliability. Nevertheless, the choice of the issuer’s design is one of the most important points that determine the durability and reliability of the system, as well as the scope of preventive measures during the maintenance process.

Reasons for Failures  Failures in micro irrigation systems occur for several reasons. Read more here

  • penetration of colloidal clay and fine silt,
  • fine mechanical particles passing through the filters,
  • mechanical damage to pipes,

For underground drip irrigation systems, the following reasons should be considered:

  • Root penetration,
  • penetration of soil particles into the holes of the emitter (dropper) when the water pressure in the system is released.

Chemical reasons:

  • sediments of carbonates, iron and manganese oxides,
  • precipitation of the components of mineral fertilizers due to improper use of fertigation or selection of fertilizers.

Organic and biological reasons:

  • oily or similar contamination,
  • seaweed,
  • aquatic weeds,
  • plankton, fish, frogs,
  • insects, spiders,
  • fungi and bacteria.

Very low system pressures and low water flow rates, when unsuitable issuers are used, can also create reliability problems. ( For example,  when using thin-walled tapes and tubes designed for a pressure not exceeding 0.5-1.0 atm.)

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