Parisian Geraniums Cultivation And Care

Parisian geraniums, with their particular cascading shape, offer spectacular blooms on terraces and balconies.

Arrived to us from South Africa, Parisian geraniums have quickly gained acclaim in all European countries. Their particular cascading conformation allows them to be placed on balconies and terraces to always have a very scenic effect.

Very often they are also visible inserted in the appropriate planters and hung on garden railings.

Parisian Geraniums Colors

There are many varieties of Parisian geraniums on the market.

All characterized by glossy, fleshy green leaves, they can be distinguished by the color and shape of the flowers. To create a colorful environment, it is possible to combine pink, red and white varieties with five-petalled or double or semi-double flowers.

If, on the other hand, you want to give your green corner a uniform appearance, do not hesitate to create single-colored Parisian geraniums compositions.

Parisian Geraniums When To Plant Them

The ideal time to plant your Parisian geranium plants is spring.

The flowering of geraniums starts in April/May and lasts until late autumn. When planting your plants, pay attention to the location you choose.

Although geraniums are well suited to every situation, they prefer sunny areas.

If they are placed in the shade we will see the stems lengthen considerably at the expense of flowering, which will be poor. Also their collocation in ventilated areas risks to compromise the final result.

The Parisian geraniums resist very well to both cold and heat and can be left out even during the winter months as long as temperatures do not fall below zero.

They do not require special attention for their cultivation and can offer surprising results even to novice flower lovers.

How To Care For Parisian Geraniums

The main enemies of this variety are the cochineal and the red spider.

In case of infestation it is advisable to intervene promptly with specific products that can be purchased in garden centers. In case of fungal attacks, however, it would be advisable to intervene on plants with copper and sulphur.

A good secret to always have perfect plants is to regularly remove dried flowers and leaves from the branches. In this way we will encourage new flowering and also prevent diseases and pest attacks.

As we have already said, Parisian geraniums also tolerate cold weather, as long as temperatures do not fall below zero. For this reason, if the area where you live does not have particularly cold winters, you can leave your plants outdoors. However, you should take some precautions for their winter planting, which will allow you to find the plants in excellent health when the summer season arrives.

First of all, you should clean the stems of dry or broken leaves well. To protect them from the cold, you could put them on the walls. This way, even the little winter sun will give them some warmth. Placing the pots in places raised above the ground (even on simple wooden planks or pieces of polystyrene) helps to prevent root frost.

During the winter months drastically reduce watering, intervening in the early hours of the day only when the soil is too dry.

Their main enemy, together with the wind, is water stagnation, which can cause rotting of the root system.

For this reason it is important to intervene with watering only when the soil is completely dry.

In the summer months, when the torrid heat overheats the pot and plant, it would be advisable to intervene during the cooler hours (early morning or evening).

To avoid water stagnations, it is advisable to place a layer of gravel or other draining material in the lower part of the pot in which we are going to place the Parisian geraniums.

How To Reproduce Parisian Geraniums

The plants are propagated by cutting.

In spring it will be sufficient to cut small branches of stem (about 10 cm long) and bury them to get many new ornamental plants at no cost. The rooting of cuttings can be helped and speeded up through the use of rooting hormones, a special product that provides the specific nourishment needed by the roots to grow healthy and in less time.

When the flowering period begins, it is necessary to intervene with regular fertilizations, adding every twenty days some fertilizer for flowering plants to the watering water.

Are Parisian Geraniums Also Used In Aromatherapy?

Of course, their properties help to balance all disorders of the nervous system, such as depression, as well as providing important support as an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory.

Geranium essential oils are used to treat blisters, minor burns, sore throats and neuralgia.

Even the simple view of a balcony cheered by these plants so colorful and with flowering arranged in a cascade seems to act on the mood, giving the viewer a particular sense of serenity.

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