How to use a diamond tile disc

The 10 tile saw blade will do its job better than any other piece of equipment. Recently, the decoration of almost every interior is not complete without ceramic tiles. It is laid on a variety of surfaces.

Thanks to its special quality, hardness, which is used in the manufacture of durable and durable coatings, ceramic tiles have earned high popularity. But, when processing or cutting it, the same quality is rather an obstacle, even if you use a diamond blade.

The most sophisticated way of dividing this decorative material is waterjet cutting. It is produced on modern equipment, under the strict control of a computer. A high pressure water jet is directed onto the tiles. The cutting factor in this operation is the abrasive powder of the required fraction. The mixture is accelerated to high speed in the nozzle of the installation, it is pulled out of it and cuts the tiles with high precision. But this method is not without its drawbacks. In the area of ​​the cut, due to the high hardness of the base, thermal streaks and stresses may appear, as a result of which the samples can simply collapse.

A diamond disc for tiles is not used in this technology, since it is used in cheaper mechanical methods. But this process is painstaking and time consuming. You need to be on the lookout at all times when using a diamond disc, and take into account that chips may appear on the surface, requiring additional processing.

The use of this method, from tungsten carbide materials for tiles, significantly narrows the prospect of obtaining complex product shapes. However, heavy mechanical loading sometimes leads to the appearance of multiple cracks in the specimen, especially in operations where increased accuracy is required.

Interior designers are experimenting with decorating different surfaces, creating whole panels from tiles of various shapes, structures and colors. Of course, if you need to make a smooth and even floor, then a diamond tile disc is the best solution. But for the manufacture of artistic masterpieces, it is hardly suitable.

Details of complex shapes, products with sharp corners, which are found in the decoration of the floor coverings of halls, halls, administrative and office buildings, are best cut using water-jet cutting. Draw the contours in advance, so that the composition is connected without seams, do not be afraid of high complexity and when using waterjet cutting you will get high accuracy.

What are the disc diameters for tiles?

The choice of the required standard size is determined by several important factors: the specifics of the project, the equipment used in the work, the characteristics of the room where you plan to use the disk. Here are examples of just a few options for the diameter of the nozzles that you can order from us.

  • diameter 125 mm
  • diameter 180 mm
  • disc size 200 mm
  • diameter 250 mm and other options  

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