How to transplant houseplants

Potted plants, as they grow, need to be transplanted in order to have more space and develop properly. In addition, providing them with new substrate with coco nutrients and fertilizer will help them to look their best. This is especially true of houseplants, as they are always in pots and we often still have them in the small pot they brought with them when we bought them. To make your plants look more beautiful and grow healthy, do not miss this article from on how to transplant houseplants.

Steps to follow:

The best time to transplant those houseplants that need it is in the spring, as the increased hours of sunshine and higher temperatures cause most plants to accelerate their growth.


To transplant the plants correctly you should choose a pot or flowerpot about 5 or 10 cm in diameter larger than the previous one. If you want more information about how to choose the right pot, you can see it here.


You should use a special substrate for indoor plants, which you can find without any problem in any garden shop, florist, specialist centre or department store.


Add a few centimetres of this new substrate to the bottom of the new pot.


Carefully remove the plant from the old pot to avoid damaging the roots and place it on top of the new substrate base.


Then fill the sides of the pot with more substrate without pressing too hard, making sure that the new level of the plant is equal to or slightly higher than the one before transplanting.


Finally, you should water the plant without making it waterlogged, and let it continue to grow in its new pot.

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